Frequently Asked Questions
How does CrewStream work?
CrewStream sorts and organizes media production data like never before. It works just like recycling, taking yesterday’s information and transforming it into useful insights for tomorrow. Crewing becomes easier than ever with smart sorting and highlighting of your existing crew lists. CrewStream also allows for your information to be accessed quickly and easily, saving valuable time previously reserved for filtering through emails and voicemails trying to track down information you needed at a moment's notice. Everything, including your show's information, crew, and final report, is all connected with CrewStream. Best of all, you can take everything with you and leave your desk behind.

Where does CrewStream get its data?
All data housed within CrewStream comes from you and those you collaborate with on productions. Information regarding your event, such as its name, date, time, location, crew members, special notes, images, maps, and documents, all come from you.

Who can use CrewStream?
CrewStream is ideal for an individual or team of individuals who manage the scheduling, crewing, communication, travel logistics, documentation, spreadsheets, and invoices for television and/or film production. Typical job titles include crewing coordinator, production manager, operations producer, labor coordinator, and scheduling manager.

Can I trust CrewStream with my data?
Yes! We value your data as much as we value our own. You can rest assured knowing your data is private and secure.

I’m a freelancer. How do I create a profile?
As more production companies connect with CrewStream and, as you are hired for more events, your account and resume will write itself without any additional work from you or the crew coordinator. As a result, production companies will be able to put names to faces and hire you with confidence already knowing your background and experience. Freelancer accounts are not in the works at the moment.

How do I sign up for CrewStream?
CrewStream is still in development and we are refining its requirements every day. for our newsletter so you can be the first to know when we are ready.